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Sydney Blessings

We've been in Sydney all week visiting Charise and her husband Adrian. My brothers Adam and Aaron flew in for a visit. On Sunday we had lots of things to celebrate. Three birthdays, Father's Day, and our 2nd anniversary. Unfortunately, we didn't get photos from the day. We were too busy enjoying the fellowship.

We have been touring around with Charise and exploring the city with my brothers. The coastal scenes are gorgeous here and the weather has been wonderful. God has been giving us so many blessings along the way! So many things to praise Him for.

Tuesday night we had a single birthday celebration for Ron Mitchell who turned 88 years old. He is such a happy, kind, and gentle man. Ron has Parkinson's and is in need of prayers as some days are very hard and painful.

From left to right: Adam and Michael, Aaron, Andrew, Jane, Charise, Joey, Jan, Ted, Ron, and Adrian.

Ted, the oldest boy in the middle, experienced a healing earlier this week. God is good! Michael has enjoyed being around other kids. And they've kept him so active that he's been sleeping through the whole night lately.

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