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Saints Here...Saints There...Saints Everywhere

We spent a long weekend in Euroa. Some saints came up from Melbourne and even further to spend time with us. Here is the church building that the saints meet at in Euroa.

On Sunday, we were expecting seven people to be there, including us. But 14 people showed up. What a blessing! It was very exciting to meet some of the saints from the Phillippines who are living in Australia.

We were also able to visit Ellen Shepherd who lives in a nursing home. She was very excited to see young people she said. And she could use prayers. Her home has not church services for the residents and she is hungry for the gospel.

Dinner at Murray and Delma Broughton's house.

Little Gracie could also use prayers. She is still recovering from RSV. She and a couple of others were administered to before the service.

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