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Priesthood Education

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Priesthood education on PCloud.

Below is a link to the recording of the meeting last night. We discussed a number of issues related to the branch itself and our interaction with other branches.


Starting in September, we will worship with the saints from Living Hope, Missionary, and Waldo on the first Sunday evening of every month as well as the third Wednesday night of every month. The first Sunday night service will be on September 5th at 6:30 pm at Missionary. Living Hope will preside. The first Wednesday night prayer service will be at Outreach at 7 pm. Missionary branch will preside. It is important to note that the Sunday evening services will not be preaching services. There will be singing and testifying. We are also going to get the youth involved. We will continue to rotate the services around.


Next, we will be participating in a retreat with two other branches on October 29-31. Each branch, Devon Park, Missionary, and Outreach, will provide two people, one of which will be from the pastorate, to coordinate the retreat. Just to clarify for those who may be wondering, Devon Park is no longer a part of the JCRB and they do not have any member who is above an elder. This is an opportunity to reach out and build relationships with other branches.


Finally, I am asking the elders do begin to look to create small groups. This is completely voluntary. I would ask each elder to pray about this in particular. These small groups can be whatever you feel the Lord directing you to do, i.e., a book club, getting together to eat and have fellowship, study class, etc. We talked about a couple of examples of this and the bonds that were formed because of it. I believe this will help grow our love for each other which is what the Kingdom of God is all about.


Below is the link and password to the recording. Please reach out to me with any questions, comments, or concerns.

Passcode: +cs6+8&g


May God bless us brethren with His grace and with His Holy Spirit as we seek first His Kingdom,



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