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Branch officers

2022 branch and corporate officers


  • Pastor: Andrew King

  • Counselor: Lance Hall

  • Counselor: Ralph Ruckman

  • Counselor: Phil Mitchell


Branch Officers

  • Treasurer: Cherie Finley

  • Secretary: Julie Beckmann

  • Recorder: Glenn Dunlap


Corporate Officers

  • President: Ted Combs

  • Treasurer: Bryan Wilton

  • Secretary: Dick Finley


Department Leadership

  • Women’s Department: Melissa Pedersen

  • Music Director: Jeff King

  • Adult Sunday School Director: Fred Wilson

  • Adult Sunday School Assistant: Glenn Wiskur

  • Youth Sunday School Director: Laurie King

  • Warriors in Christ (8-13 years old): Adele Hall

  • Travelers (18-24 years old): Sara and Alec Davis

  • Encompass (Young Adult): Megan & Alan Torres

  • Zion Seekers (Older Adult): Laurie and Jeff King



  • Announcements: Nancy Eyerly

  • Books and Video Librarian: Angie Goff

  • Church Directory: Laurie King and Amber Cairns

  • Church Scheduling: Adele Hall

  • Church Sign: Connie Allison

  • Church Website: Ray Magargee & Amber Cairns

  • Cleaning Schedule: Darwin Coffman

  • Historian: Max Hawley

  • Jr. Church Coordinators: Lexie and Adele Hall

  • Morning Worship: Mark Reynolds

  • Nursery: Heidi Wiskur

  • Prayer Chain: Ray Magargee and Amber Cairns

  • Technologies Development: Spencer Hughes

  • Vacation Church School:


Neighborhood Network

  • Dona Davis


Priesthood Leadership

  • Head Deacon: Darwin Coffman

  • Home Ministry: Dick Finley and Jeff King

  • Neighborhood Ministry: Benji Pedersen

  • Outlying Congregation Ministry: Mike Hood


Facility Management Committee

  • Head Deacon: Darwin Coffman

  • Women’s Department: Carol Sue Holder

  • Bill Hodges

  • Dick Finely

  • Ted Combs

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