Solemn Assembly Update and Participation Form


Dear Brothers and Sisters,


While the details of the Solemn Assembly are still being prayerfully considered and finalized, the following information can be shared:


  • The date for the Solemn Assembly is September 27, 2020.

  • The time to gather is 9:00 AM SCT. The Assembly will begin at 9:30 and will continue as the Spirit leads.

  • September 26, 2020 is set aside as a day of preparation. Specifics for that day will be shared in the near future.

  • The location of the Solemn Assembly is the Waldo Ave Restoration Branch/Center Place Restoration School in Independence, Missouri.

  • Due to the potential limited space at the Waldo Ave Restoration Branch location associated with the corona virus, and other challenges such as travel restrictions, a number of satellite locations that will coordinate participation in the Assembly through the use of technology are being identified in the Center Place, and other places in the US and internationally. These locations will allow the saints to still gather with each other and participate in the Solemn Assembly.

  • Individuals who for health reasons, or who are isolated and do not have reasonable access to a satellite location, will be able to participate in the Solemn Assembly from home through the use of technology. Planning is underway for both an interactive option, such as through Zoom, or “live streaming.”


We encourage those who are able to participate at the Waldo Ave RB, to do so. We encourage those that want to participate at the Waldo Ave RB, but are willing to go to a satellite location in the Center Place if needed, to let us know. We encourage those outside of the Center Place to participate at a satellite location if one is available to you. If you are unable to join at Waldo or a satellite location, we encourage you to participate from home through the use of technology.


In order to assist with planning and sharing future information with you directly, a Solemn Assemble Participation Form has been developed. Below is a link to complete the form. A link to the form can also be found on the CRE website,  PLEASE assist us with planning by completing the form. It only takes 1 to 2 minutes to complete.


Completing this form in part or in total is not required to participate in the Solemn Assembly. The intent of the form is to collect information that will assist in the planning of the Solemn Assembly, as well as provide the means to share information with you. Your information will NOT be published or shared in any way. What information you choose to provide is completely up to you.  Thank you.


William (Vim) Horn
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