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Prayer Requests

Navajo People

Sister Alicia Negaard is serving with the Navajo people now and they have reached a bunch of new people with a roadside ministry. They have run into a serious issue that needs our prayers right now.  She asks that we please pray for the missionary team in Pinion. Paul and Riane Marsh's jeep was broken into last night. The window was broken and the steering column was drilled in an attempt to bypass security features that prevent it from being stolen. The good news is that they did not get away with the Jeep, but it has been rendered inoperable and has to be fixed before it can be driven.

Please pray that this will not distract the team from ministering to the Navajo people. The adversary is creating a distraction, which tells us how very important this work is. Let's get our prayer warrior hats on so the Lord's arm will be made bare before His people and the miracles of Heaven will rain down upon the missionary team and the Navajo people as a testimony of God's love.  a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. It's easy.

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