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Missionary Wife

Hello Saints,
There are so many things going on these days. Governments throughout the world in disagreements, sickness, inflation. One wonders when there will be a break from all this. Honduras also has its moments. Her governmental parties have been physically fighting on the congressional floor. The covid sickness has decreased. Masks and hand washing are still required in public.
I'm reminded of some scripture verses. "We are troubled on every side, yet not distressed; We are perplexed, but not in despair."  "We walk by faith not by sight."
God is still on His throne and he is aware of everything about us even in the small things.
I had a dream the other day that a church member came to our house and found a nest of 10 eggs. The next morning she came to our house. It was time to look for eggs and guess what. She found a hidden nest with exactly 10 eggs in it! Wow, God is so caring.
We planted some lettuce and spinach in the garden. I cut it once a week and clean it. We eat on it all week. After the first two weeks of cleaning the lettuce I noticed that it wasn't lasting as long as I hoped because it was too damp even though I used a towel to blot it dry. I made a comment to the Lord that it sure would be nice to get a lettuce spinner. I have never in 22 years ever seen a lettuce spinner at any store here. Well folks, this week I walked into a store to look for a specific type of notebook for Sunday school class. The thought came to me to go to the kitchen section to look for a lettuce spinner. Guess what I found! A lettuce spinner! If God cares about the little things, how much more does he care for the big things. What a wonderful Father we have. Be faithful. God always is. God bless you all.
Your sister in Christ,
Regina Sperry

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