Spiritual Experience

Granted to Elder Ray Magargee

Early in the Sunday morning of June 26, 2016


Several weeks before the following experience occurred I had been assigned the responsibility to teach an adult class on the Holy Ghost and the gifts of the Spirit at a Branch Retreat for the Outreach Restoration Branch which was to occur in late July. This assignment was of considerable concern to me because I knew of very little that is of more importance than the Holy Ghost and our relationship with him.


A few weeks before the class was to occur I awoke around 4:30 am with a pounding headache which occurs often so I got up and took two Excedrin Migraine tablets (a medication I had been taking without side effects for more than twenty years) and went back to bed. I continued a prayer that had been ongoing for a day or two while I lay there waiting on the medication to take effect. The prayer was centered around the thought that I questioned how I could lead a discussion on the Gifts of the Spirit when I comprehended so little about him (the Spirit) and more precisely, who he was.


I suddenly became aware that I was enveloped in a love (I can’t think of a better descriptive word), a euphoria that was most pleasant and wholly consuming. I lay there, fully consumed, no longer thinking of nor praying about anything. I was wholly free; completely at peace; a feeling that I will yearn for the rest of my life. This peace/euphoria was so precious that I feared to even think for fear that would disturb or interrupt it. I was allowed to enjoy this state of euphoria for some time when I heard (a spiritual hearing) the most gentle, peaceful words that seemed to come out of the euphoria “The Father, the Son, and Holy Ghost are ONE”. Communication with the Holy Ghost in the past had always come from somewhere deep inside of me; thus, this experience was unique. There was no urgency and I contemplated those words for some time and then I responded: “How can this be?” I relished in that experience for a few moments, again without any sense of urgency or care when I felt, again coming out of the euphoria: “The Father is GOD, the Great I AM, the Creator who thought a thought and we and all that we know of WAS. He did this by his WORD which we know as his SON and thus his SON is also THE CREATOR. The SON is, among other things, the Savior of this THOUGHT of God (the creation) and the link between the created and the creator. The Spirit facilitated God’s thought (the creation) and thus he too was a CREATOR. I immediately recalled Genesis 1:5 wherein God dispatched his Spirit in the Spiritual creation and then said “Let There Be Light” and there was Light. He too (the Spirit) was a CREATOR, particularly in the Spiritual since. Thus the three are ONE, not in purpose only but in an oneness that exceeds our mortal comprehension. The gift of this comprehension can only be obtained through a greater gift that is Celestial in nature. I remembered [Mosiah 8:31] “And they are one God, yea, the very eternal Father of heaven and of earth”.


I lay there, fully consumed by this spirit or euphoria for some time contemplating these words and thoughts that I had never before contemplated. I explained, after some time and with little urgency, that this was difficult to comprehend; again, without any sense of urgency and with an overwhelming desire to do nothing that would interrupt this Spirit of absolute peace. I was impressed, again from somewhere out of that precious peace, that “God, the Creator is the Great I AM; The Son, the Creator, is the Savior/Manager of the creation while subservient to the Great I AM – not because of his subjection alone but because of his unity or at-one-ness with the Great I AM; and the Spirit, the creator, is the technician that implements the creation and brings it to its fulfillment while subservient to the Great I AM and The Son – not because of his subjection alone but because of his unity or at-one-ness with the Great I AM and The Son. They together are what we call GOD. A unity that far exceeds any unity that his creation, in its natural state, can ever comprehend.”


Again, some-time later and without any desire to interrupt this most pleasant euphoria, I complained that I cannot find a way to explain this insight to an audience when admittedly I did not comprehend it myself. The most pleasant feeling of peace continued to flood my being, and after a time of contemplation over what was happening,  I found myself thinking of my marriage: Ronna is my help mate, she establishes the Spirit in our home with and through the Spirit that is within her; she establishes love within our home that is beyond my ability to establish; she delivers babies (new life) within our home which is in itself a CREATION through the Spirit within her without which she could not instill Life into the biology occurring within her body; she brings compassion and wholeness to the Priesthood within our home; and she brings reason to my life. I bring physical and Spiritual strength to the home; provide the physical and Spiritual needs of the home; exercise the Priesthood authority in our home through the Spirit within me; assist in bringing new life (babies) into our home through the love that exist in our home (largely due to the gift of Ronna) and thus participate in the Creation also; relish in the love that Ronna brings to our home and respond to it with love.  We, together, are ONE. If one of us makes a contract, we both have made a contract; if one of us hurts, we both hurt; if one of us rejoices, we both rejoice. This is the BEGINNING of the unity to which we are commanded to develop, a taste of which I was privileged to experience this morning.


There was rejoicing because of that experience stayed with me that whole day to a decreasing level of intensity. That first two hours was life changing for me. I find it difficult to explain what I experienced more wholly because it was experienced Spiritually, and it can only be expressed in the most elementary terms similar to that by which the Spirit explained it to me. I understood that the facts involved were dumbed down to a level I could comprehend but I did not care. The Spirit of peace and love was so all consuming that I rejoiced in a way that cannot be explained. I felt that I could comprehend all things while in that state if it was found appropriate by the Holy Ghost, and I could only PRAISE what I call GOD for the insight I was allowed. I understood that I was the creature; wholly subject to what I call GOD (my Creator) but worthy because of the sacrifice/love of what I call GOD expended for me. I knew that I was subject to GOD but the subjection at that time was of little concern because I understood, to the degree I was capable to understand, THAT I WAS WHOLLY LOVED!


This experience was unique and most impressive because it came out of the since of absolute Love, not from somewhere deep inside of me. It was impressive because it did not begin with a challenge to my righteousness or worthiness as normally occurs when dealing with the Spirit. More importantly, the message was much less important to me than the absolute and most precious since of Love, Peace, and Security. Truly, in that state I honestly believe that I could have willingly sang praises to God Almighty on my way to the Colosseum of Rome with the early Saints without fear, stress, or even a second thought of anything worldly or physical. There was an all-consuming Love there but, there was also a since of Power greater than myself that overwhelmed all else.

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