The City of Our God initiative is borne out of a testimony about the redemption of Zion, calling all Christians of all denominations, to boldly proclaim this city of Independence, Missouri to be the City of Our God by putting up yard signs, banners, window signs, and even billboards.  You can find the testimony on the website:

City of Our God Independence – To God Be The Glory.


City of Our God Independence – To God Be The Glory



In order to start printing yard signs, we need to raise around $5,500 as soon as possible.  Any donations can be sent to Cherie Finley (checks payable Outreach) or directly to the initiative through Karen Hacker (check to Outreach Restoration Branch).


Please prayerfully consider supporting this cause by any way you can.  We hope to fill Independence with signs declaring Independence to be the City of Our God!  God is moving...

Please review the attached information on this initiative.


God Bless!



PS: This is urgent!

Many terrestrial Ministers are saying that the Rapture could come as soon as the first of the year to save the righteous from the destructive power of God as he afflicts the wicked on the earth before Christ comes. We who believe in Zion should take from this and hundreds of other signs that we have run out of time unless we fall on our faces in pure repentance and get to work on building Zion Immediately. This initiative is an excellent first step.

Ray Magargee

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