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Brother Tom Mitchell is asking for help as follows:

We are looking for a pressure fit child or pet gate for the stairs. Susan and her daughter Larreta are coming from Africa with their eight-month-old baby girl and of course we have a three-floor house with lots of stairs, we will buy one if no one has one, I believe the openings are probably around 4 feet.

We have made a mistake on the amount we thought we had collected for the four-wheel-drive vehicle for Africa, for Eric and the other ministers.  We are still in need of about $3000.00. Some people had mentioned they wanted to give but didn't have a chance. Debbie and I are contemplating giving another $500.00. If anyone has any amount of money, they could contribute to that you can get that check to me or send it direct to the CRE. Please make the check out to “CRE - Africa transportation” in the remarks section.

Thank you.

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